Irie Wine, Beer, Blues & Reggae Fest

Our Story

"There are only two places on earth as similar in size, elevation, respectfulness, and beauty. Only Two places you can sing, Take me Home... Country Roads! West Virginia and West Jamaica" - H.D. Boyd

     Born out of his love of fine wines, great craft beers, delicious food, and easy listening music, Irie Wine, Beer, Jazz, and Reggae Fest at Shiley Acres, is a premiere location for an irie time year after year. After traveling the United States and Jamaica, sampling different wines and cuisines, H.D. Boyd recently opened Boyd's Steakhouse, which has quickly become on of the premiere places to enjoy great food, wine, and craft beer in the tri-state area. Now he is taking that experience to the next level, bringing his experiences of these places to you on a grand scale!

     His biggest challenge was finding the right way to fully present the whole experience to everyone. From the warm nights in the caribbean, to the cool evenings of the fall in the mountains of West Virginia, H.D. has put together a festival of great variety for everyone, young and old. He has also taken great care in assembling a team of only the best people, a collection of skillful, and experienced entertainers, vendors, distributors and restauranteurs to bring the best in food, wine, beer and entertainment. 


Come enjoy the experience for yourself.